Well…..you all know what I think of most of the new “it” ingredients.   Most of them are unlikely to still be around in 2 years. Having said that you made me start thinking about skincare product ingredients that we know and trust.  And that made my brain move on to eye creams.  Ok…maybe I’m a little tired tonight.

We do a lot of fillers around the eye area at our clinic. This is tricky so experts only please if you decide to look into this.  But, I’m often shocked at how few of our patients seeking this treatment actually use an eye cream.  Here’s why you need to start using one ASAP:

  1. There are very few oil glands in the skin around the eye area, which makes it more prone to wrinkling;
  2. The skin is very thin and prone to sun damage, squint lines, and crow’s feet.  (Who thought of that term anyway?)
  3. It literally takes 3 seconds to use morning and night and makes a big difference over time.

So what could be the best eye cream for you?

  1.  For very sensitive, rash prone skin:  Try the Pevonia Evolutive Eye Cream.  The squalene, triglycerides, antioxidant, and hyaluronate makes it very gentle.  Also contains a hint of retinyl.  I use this one!
  2. For sun damaged skin:  Try the Colorescience 3 in 1.  Lots of botanicals, triglycerides and sunscreen!
  3. For anti-aging:  Replenix All-trans Retinol Eye Repair. The most actives containing triglycerides, antioxidants, a retinoid, peptides, kelp extract, and Vit K
  4. For anti-aging: Try the Skinceutical A.G.E eye cream with triglycerides, and multiple peptides.

Use an eye cream morning and night unless it’s the one with sunscreen.  Then…use that in the morning and one of the others at night.

Don’t forget sunglasses are very helpful to prevent the aging of the eyelid skin.

Hope this helps,
Dr. Brandith Irwin
Founder, SkinTour
Director, Madison Skin & Laser Center
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