It is so confusing for patients who want improvement with lasers and devices.  Some of them work so well, some are just a waste of time and money, and some are dangerous in the wrong hands.  I really sympathize.  With all the marketing, it takes persistence and brains (which you all have) to sort it out.

Fraxel……has proven itself to be a reliable laser system and a reliable company for certain common skin problems.  For example, the Fraxel Restore (the original product) has two wavelengths.  One mostly for texture (1550nm) and one mostly for brown spots (1927nm), if they are not too deeply rooted.   The Fraxel Repair is a slightly different version of a carbon dioxide laser than the CO2 that I/we use.  (I prefer the DEKA dot system).  And the Clear & Brilliant is a lighter version of the original Fraxel Restore.  All are made and marketed by the same company. Here’s the summary.

Fraxel Restore  – good for:

  • Mild to moderate acne scarring with a series of treatments (usually 3-5)
  • Slightly improves large pores and texture of oily skin
  • Great for brown spots and uneven pigment due to sun damage or acne. Not good for melasma.
  • Great for larger areas of sun damage like the upper back, chest, arms because it uses a roller system.

Clear & Brilliant (about 1/2 of a regular Fraxel) – good for:

  • Maintaining texture and color improvements
  • Correcting very minor texture problems and light brown spots

Also sometimes called “baby Fraxels” or “Fraxel lite”.  If you are trying to correct, a pigment or texture problem, in my opinion, a full Fraxel Restore is a better use of time and money.  If your skin is good, and you are just trying to maintain it, then a Clear & Brilliant makes sense.  We offer the same settings (about 1/2 a regular Fraxel) and call it Fraxel Lite.  You don’t need a separate C&B unit to offer these settings.

Fraxel Repair – good for:

  • Deeper acne scarring
  • Some tightening
  • Improves deeper sun damage and helps reduce skin cancer risks more than the Restore.

Since it is a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, I think the DEKA Dot gives a more customizable and predictable outcome for a CO2)

Hope this helps,

Dr. Brandith Irwin

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