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This is a VERY common problem!  Many SkinTour readers send questions about this.   Here are some thoughts.

First things first!

When you notice a bump after a filler, the first thing to do is go back to the written post-care instruction sheet they gave you.  Does it explain which bumps are likely to be temporary, and which to call them about?  The clinic and your provider get 50 lashes if they didn’t provide you with a written care sheet.

There is a short period after a filler when there may be a little fluctuation.  We call letting the filler “mature” and it usually takes 7-14 days.  Our instruction to our patients is that after 10-14 days, to call us if they have any concerns.

Then…..call or see your doctor (like you did).  I’m going to guess that you needed to go back again?  And, hopefully, they were able to fix that for you.

A reminder about filler adjustments:

  • If there is a small/medium bruise, it makes sense to wait until that’s gone, since the bruise will make the filler look more prominent
  • Your face (all of us!) is asymmetric to start with, BUT filler should never aggravate that, it should improve it.  That’s where the artistic eye and artistic judgment of your doctor come into play.
  • There is an enzyme called hyaluronidase that can be used to uncrosslink and reduce the filler.  Or, it can remove it completely if a lot of the enzyme is used.

What is URGENT.

A filler problem can rarely be urgent.  Sometimes an artery may be blocked.  This can result in permanent tissue death and scarring.  And it can result in blindness in one eye in rare instances.  So here’s what to be on the lookout for:

  • A bruise that is much larger than normal, much darker or painful.  The pain is a particularly good clue.  Call your doctor’s office immediately and insist on speaking to one of the nurses or the doctor.  This is another reason you really want to use a reputable clinic.  If it’s really cheap, there may be a reason.
  • A mottled or blotchy red appearance to the area injected, but also in areas you may not expect.  For example, an arterial occlusion at the base of the nose may result in a mottled red appearance on the nose further up toward the eyes.  The problem isn’t always exactly where the injection was done.  Call your doctor right away.
  • The good news is that, if these are caught early (usually 24-48 hours), these can be reversed and there will be no harm done.  In other words, if you have an injection done on Friday, don’t wait until Monday to call if you have the symptoms above.
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Dr. Brandith Irwin
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