This is the problem with “techs” in my opinion.  A laser “tech” has virtually no medical or laser training, and often little experience.  Look for clinics and companies whose laser treatments are provided by MDs, or midlevels (PA-Cs, ARNPs), or RNs.  All of these professional providers have medical training and generally clear lines of supervision.  “Medical” aestheticians may be quite good also, but their training and experience varies more.

You are wise to be cautious about what the CS offered, because if your goal is face and neck tightening, then a facial and the Clear & Brilliant is not going to accomplish that.

All of this is regulated state by state.  Personally, I think it’s slightly nuts that we don’t have national guidelines for who can do aesthetic medical procedures.  Some states don’t allow “techs” to operate lasers.

3 things to do now in this situation:

  1. Make sure you look at your signed consent form and that you read any materials they provided you to read so you know what you agreed to.
  2. Call them back and explain your position in a kind manner, and that you did not receive what you had expected to receive.  When you’re on the phone, get an email address and even perhaps a real address.  Stating things in writing is often more effective than a phone call.  Always keep track of the name, date and gist of any conversation.  With email, you at least have a paper record.
  3. If they can’t provide what you are asking for (assuming it’s reasonable), request a refund check and move on to a better clinic.

3 things to prevent losing time, money or having complications

  1. “Vet” your provider.  Talk to friends and family!  Don’t take any web review too seriously.   Remember that a convicted felon can put up a nice website, advertise and misrepresent credentials.  Look for clinics and providers in business in that location for at least 5 years.  “Mall” clinics tend to move around.  Many get sued, then declare bankruptcy, and then start up again in a different location under a different name.
  2. Ask which medical degree your provider has.  This are licensed in every state.  Please avoid clinics that use “tech” unless you really know they are reputable.
  3. Avoid clinics where they will schedule you over the phone for something complicated without at least a telephone or in person consult.  People sometimes view these consults as a pain to do, but they really help to prevent misunderstandings and give you more protection in cases like the above.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Brandith



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