To make this fun, helpful, and not too derivative, here are some fun things you can do.  And the more routine stuff is at the end.

1. Give yourself an old fashioned facial for more glow.

Do you ever remember you mom or grandmother hanging their head over a pot of steam and then putting a mask on?  Key point – Don’t burn yourself!  You have to take the pot off the burner! Use a wide, big pot with water and any herbs you like (try eucalyptus).  And an herbal tea bag works too.  Bring to almost a boil so it’s steaming.  Take the pot off the burner and hold your face about a foot away with a large towel draped over.  Steam for about 5 minutes to open the pores.  Then use whatever mask you love.  Remove the mask with a gentle washcloth to help exfoliate.  Your skin will look amazing.

2. Dance in the kitchen (or anywhere else) to feel happier.

This may be easier to get into with no one around.  Find your favorite Spotify or other playlist, clear some space, and just free form it to the music.  Some people might prefer to put on a utube video and try to copy the dance moves.  Doesn’t matter ….the point is whatever makes you feel freer, is fun, and get you a little flushed.

3. Drink fun herbal teas and lots of water to hydrate well.

Hydration can be warm and herbal.  If you’re aiming for about 8 glasses a day, some of those can be herbal tea.  I like the organic ones like Traditional Medicinals peppermint, spearmint, and hibiscus. Trader Joes makes a fun organic pomegranate white tea, and a blood orange blend. My current favs are the Tazo Juniper, Mint & Honey and the Blue Lotus Chai (Traditional Masala Chai – has caffeine). You can also mix several together and make a big pot to drink all day.

4. Add one new healthy skin product to your regimen for the New Year.

For example, if you aren’t good with sunscreen every morning, commit to finding one you really like and and using it every morning.  That daily UV, even if small, is 365 days a year and adds up over time.  Or let’s say you don’t really use your retinoid (Vit A family) at least 3 times a week at night.  Commit to it, and get help if you are having irritation issues with it.  If you’re really great with all your basics, try adding in something new, like the AQ Active Serum with skin cell growth factors.

(I gotta add ….and don’t forget good bedtime habits and lots of sleep, regular exercise, veggies, hi-quality proteins, and your sunscreen!  It’s partly my job to nag!)

Please have a wonderful, and safe holiday period!!

Dr. Brandith Irwin



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